Desert Tours

Camel Tours


Meet our camels and stroll through the desert for a of couple hours, or take a full day or multi-day trip with them and see everything the Wadi Rum has to offer. The length of time spent with the camels will determine how many sites we can visit. Camels tours are a very leisurely and fun way to see the desert, great for the whole family to enjoy. See below for a slide show of Wadi Rum sites.

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Jeep Tours


Join us for a thrilling off-road jeep tour. If you are pushed for time or want to squeeze as much in as possible then the jeep tour is the way to go. Our 4WDs are well equipped to handle the desert and get you through the toughest conditions. At each destination you will have plenty of time to get out, walk around and take in the desert. We offer 2 hour, 4 hour, and multi day jeep tours depending on the sites you would like to see.

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Hiking Tours


Hiking tours are a great way to see the less traveled areas of Wadi Rum and are often combined with scrambling and jeep tours. Wander through the desert as you experienced the vast magical White Desert, canyons, and see the rock formations up close. No matter what your fitness level or hiking ability we can find a hike to suit you.

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Wadi Rum Famous Sites

Here are some of the famous sites you will see on your jeep or camel tour. There are other places we can visit including Burdah Arch, Lawrence House, Sunset sites, and many more.

*Please contact me to confirm prices as there may be discounts for groups.