71487_654926331219785_78732031_nMy name is Zidane and I am an experienced climber in Wadi Rum. I have grown up in Wadi Rum and enjoy … .. . . . .etc.

I offer tours climbing. scrambling, trekking, and……


I have been working as a guide in Wadi Rum for __years. Please find some of my testimonials below:



Reviewed March 18, 2015

We had the most amazing time with Bedouin Nomads in Wadi Rum. We stayed for three days and each one was more fun and more beautiful than the last. We drove to different campsites and climbing spots and Zidane was amazingly gracious, informed, and generous the whole time, as was everyone who assisted us on our trip. The food was GREAT; we made huge fires under the stars every night; we went hunting in the brush from Zidane’s truck; we climbed to the tops of mountains and saw miles and miles of the gorgeous desert…. I can’t believe I left!!!