The Nomads

Zidane Zlabeh

Adventure Guide

With the feet of a Goat, the wisdom of a Camel and the Charisma of a Bedouin. Zidane is here to make sure you have a good time. With over a thousand tours under his belt and a lifetime in the desert, he can handle any tough situation you might find yourself in aswell as keep you laughing along the way.

Will Towse

The Camel Doctor

I take care of the web/photography side of things here at Bedouin Nomad Adventures. While I'm useless in the kitchen, I am pretty handy in sticky situations so you might see me taggin along. If you ask nicely you might even get a pretty sweet Insta pic to go along with all those new amazing memories.



For over 10 years we've operated Jeep, Camel, Hiking, Climbing, Scrambling, Camp and Customs Tours to Hundreds of Guests. Either choose from one of the highly recommend tours listed or calls us to book a Custom Private Tour.

Enjoy the Adventure without the risk.

Safely explore the Wadi Rum while we provide the Jeeps, Camels, Essentials, Direction and Comfort. With a life time of experience we can provide the Adventure of a Lifetime.